Card #45: Happy Thanksgiving!

You ever have one of those days/weekends where you just don’t accomplish anything?  Yeah, that’s mine this weekend.  Yesterday started my “no Fridays at work until January,” and making my card for the week was the extent of the productive things I did.  And today, I’m thinking writing this post will be about the extent of my productivity.  I have a good excuse, though.  I’m sick.  😦  I went to acute care this morning and they couldn’t really do anything for me once they determined it’s not strep, so I’m just supposed to rest and increase my fluid intake.  And here I was all, “I don’t think I’m going to beat this without some help,” this morning before I went to the clinic.  Yeah, so much for that.

Anywhoo, the card…

I was digging through my supplies a couple weeks ago and came across some pretty cardstock I had picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while back and was all, “that would be perfect for a Thanksgiving card.”  So I pulled it out and had it sitting on my desk for a couple weeks until I made the cards.  I actually made six cards this week so I can send these to a few different people.  It was kind of fun sort of “mass producing” cards again like I always used to for my Christmas cards, instead of just making one-of-a-kinds.  I was thinking I was going to use up all four sheets of the fancy cardstock, but I didn’t even use up all of one of them!  And I dug through my fall stickers thinking I could use some of those, but I only had three that would work nicely, so I picked a layout that didn’t use any instead.  So much for using stuff up!


The orange and yellow scraps I used matched the leaves on the pretty cardstock perfectly.  I would, however, not recommend trying to stamp on textured cardstock.  The image just isn’t quite as crisp.  But, when you’re trying to use stuff up, you make it work.

I know this is rather short, but my fingers are having major difficulties typing correctly-spelled words, so I’m going to end this and go binge-watch Christmas movies on Netflix and drink hot lemon-honey water.  See you next week!

Stamp used: it’s called either Graceful Thanksgiving or Peaceful Thanksgiving from Stampendous.  The writing is wearing off the stamp on the side and I can’t read the first word.


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