Card #44: Baby Girl!

What’s this!?  A post on Monday night?  Yeah, I’m going to be unavailable this weekend, so I needed to get my card done early this week.

And as you can tell by the title of this post, I’m taking a couple weeks off from Christmas card construction.  My next post will be Thanksgiving cards, but I found myself this week in need of a baby shower card for a little girl on the way, so I figured instead of buying one, I’d make one that I could post for my card this week and then actually use!  Hooray for practicality!


The design for this card was pulled straight off Pinterest, except that the original used foot prints instead of handprints, was colored for a boy, and was square instead of rectangular.  Other than that, yep, pretty much the same.  The heart paper was leftover from another project and the sparkly striped paper was from a bundle of fancy papers that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  It was like 10 or so sheets of different papers, but you could only see the top one, so it was a crap shoot as to what you were going to get.  I think I’ve only used two of them so far…

I have found myself several times through the course of the year wishing that I had a pastel pink stamp pad.  I think that would have looked better for the handprints instead of being such a bold pink.  May have to invest in a lighter pink ink one of these days.

I’m getting close to finishing my Dragon Con photo books, and the deadline for my free book is coming very quickly, so I’m going to go try to get the last few pages done tonight and get them ordered before I go to bed.

Stamps used: Dot letter Alphabet by Hero Arts, hand print stamps from the Stampin’ Up set “I’m Here”


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