Card #41: Christmas in Circles

I need a nap.  Seriously.  It took me way longer today to make these cards than it should have, particularly because I had the designs pretty much figured out before I even started working on them.  I got up really early this morning to go take some pictures before and while the sun came up.  I think quite a few of them turned out pretty good, but I am definitely feeling the lack of sleep.  And crazy me, but I’m planning on going out again to take some more at sunset.  What’s wrong with me?!  Maybe the fresh, cool air will wake me up again so I can mange it.  And let’s just say, I know I’ll sleep good tonight!

Anyway, I made two different cards again this week.  I know, I know, I was going to do one a week, but since both designs were based on circles, I thought I’d do them at the same time.  Both layouts were inspired by cards I found on Pinterest.


I originally made the whole card white with the stamp and circle in the middle, but that was really boring-looking, so I chopped up the cards and added the front to a base green card instead.  That brings out the green of the leaves a little bit more and the red on the poinsettia matches the red of the stamp.  I used a Fiskars cutting tool and template to cut the circle out of the middle.  I can’t say I’m super-impressed with the system.  Took me a good while to figure it out (that could be due to lack of sleep again, though), and it made a little notch where I started cutting.  I’ll have to play with it a bit more and see if I can make it work better.

I layered a piece of silver, glittery cardstock behind the circle and used a bit of mounting foam to give a little depth between the white front and the silver back.  I like the dimension that it adds, in addition to the 3D poinsettia embellishment.


I really like this design.  I had a hard time trying to come up with a layout that would use a round word stamp like this, but I found a design on Pinterest that had a round stamp made into an ornament like this, and I thought it was perfect!  I wish I had a different ribbon that would have worked better, but oh well.  I had to singe the ends of the ribbon to keep them from fraying and you can see the blackness on the ends.  Just gives a little extra color, right?  To match the black of the base card?  And I know it’s hard to tell in that picture, but the words are also covered with glitter.  Here’s a better shot of that:

From this angle it’s harder to read the words, but you can tell that the “ornament” is covered with clear, large glitter.  I tried on a scrap piece of cardstock to use matte mod podge and sprinkle the glitter on that, but the mod podge smeared the ink and wrinkled the paper.  So I cut out a masking template to cover everything but the words, then sprayed the words with an adhesive spray before sprinkling on the glitter.  I don’t think that holds quite as well, but it didn’t smear my ink or warp my cardstock, so that was the better option.

Well, I should go try to get a few more things done before I go to the park to take more pictures.  Maybe getting up and moving around will wake me up.

Stamps used: “Merry Christmas Circle” by Hero Arts Rubber Stamps; “And Lo The Angel” by The Stamp Pad Co.


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