Card #40: Let It Snow!

It seems extremely ironic to me that my cards this week were based on snowflakes and I’m sitting here in a tank top with my windows open, enjoying the too-warm-for-October weather we are having this weekend.  Seriously?  80 degrees when October is a third over already?  What gives?  Bring on the hoodies and hot chocolate!

I’ve also learned something this week, which I have found to be extremely amusing.  Did you know that crows like to soak their food before they eat it?  Or I guess, I should just say the crows that live in my neighborhood do.


I’ve seen this guy do this a few times this week, where he takes bread that has been left out for the local wildlife, soaks it in the bird bath outside my window, and eats it.  And as I am typing, there are actually two of them munching on soggy bread.  Just eww.

Anyway, yes, my cards this week were both made with snowflake stamps.  I confessed last week that I have a serious problem with collecting Christmas stamps.  I pulled them all out last night so they’d be easier to access during these next couple months and so I could find the right sentiment for one of the cards.  In the process of digging them all out, I came to a decision that for the rest of the Christmas cards I make this year, I am not going to use any stamps that I have used for my annual cards before, except the generic “Merry Christmas” word stamps.  So all the picture stamps you will see will be the first time I have used them, which is kind of exciting for me.  It’s going to force me to not reuse designs that I’ve done before.

And since the first card I made this week was a technique that I’ve already done this year, I decided to make two different cards.


This card was made with the resistance stamping technique that I demonstrated here.  You can check out that post to see how it’s done.  But I got the blue Kaleidecolor stamp pad that I wanted, so I couldn’t resist trying it again with snowflake stamps.  I love how the technique worked for the background, but I’m not super crazy about the card itself.  I didn’t want to make it exactly the same layout as the first time I tried it, so I found a different layout to try.  I’m not really sure what I’d do different, but something.  I also thought the silver words would show up better than they do based on the reviews on Amazon for that stamp pad.  Ah well, live and learn.  The stamps used on this card were all from a set that I got I believe from Michaels a few years ago.

I like the final look of this card much better:


This was based on a design I found on Pinterest.  The original layout had pearls instead of the little gems that I used, which made it look a little more elegant perhaps, but I like the sparkle of the gems (plus I didn’t have any pearls and I’m trying to use things up!).  I was originally going to just use clear, diamond-like crystals for all of them, but I found that I had just enough colored gems that matched each stamp color I used, so I thought that would be more fun.  I also got to try my new little rubbing tool thing to distress the edges of the white cardstock pieces and that worked way better than trying to rub the edges of the cardstock right onto the stamp pad!  The snowflakes are all from the Stampin’ Up set Lace Snowflakes and the words are a stamp from Hero Arts.  That stamp actually has some little holly flourishes on each end which I didn’t want on my card, so I used a marker to color the stamp only on the words before stamping it onto my cardstock.

Oh, by the way, for anyone who was curious about my cooking craziness last week, I am happy to report that for the most part it all turned out excellent!  The five recipes that I had intended to get done were all splendid and I’m still eating the leftovers of all of them.  Note to self, only make one main dish at a time.  I got done with all five recipes earlier than I anticipated, so I actually tried one more, which was the only one I wasn’t impressed with.  It was a recipe for copy-cat Take 5 candy bars, which are one of my favorite candy bars, so I was all excited.  But the pretzels inside got rather soft, which is just gross, and the proportions seemed off.  I will not be making them again.  I guess if I had stuck with just my five original recipes, I could have called it a completely successful day.


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