Card #39: Criss Cross Christmas

Well, this morning didn’t turn out at all like I had planned.  All this week, I’ve been planning on spending my Saturday at home.  I was going to sleep in a bit, write a blog, then meander to the kitchen where I planned to spend the entirety of my day.  I’ve been perusing a lot of cooking blogs lately (don’t ask me why as I really don’t know), and it’s been inspiring me to try some new things.  So I have five different recipes that I’m intending to attempt today.  I realize I may be biting off more than I can chew and I may not get them all done, but we’ll see.

But my morning plan got all turned upside down when my mom sent me a text yesterday.  She sent me a picture of a classified advertisement, announcing a garage sale that opened at 8:00 this morning.  The first item on the list of stuff for sale?  Stampin’ Up stamps.  And the list went on from there of all sorts of fun papercrafting supplies.  Well, so much for sleeping in!  Not being able to leave well enough alone, my alarm went off the same time it does during the week, and I braved the frigid temps this morning (like, we could see our breath!), and drove over to the sale.  Fortunately it wasn’t that far from my apartment, so it didn’t take that long to get there.

When you go to one of these kinds of garage sales, you never know what to expect.  They are either extremely over-priced and not worth browsing through, or they are reasonable, and you end up with an armload of new, fun things to play with.  I was almost half-hoping that this sale would be the former so I could leave quicker and get home, but that wasn’t the case.  I ended up spending an hour browsing the stacks of stamps!  They were very reasonable on their prices, and yes, I ended up with an armload.

So many fun treasures!  I admit I have an extreme weakness for Christmas stamps.  I already have so many, but I couldn’t resist just a few more, in addition to a lot of other fun sets.  So, I’m sure these new stamps will be ending up on cards here on the blog in the future.

Now, as I sit and sip my hot apple cider while I’m writing, I feel I need to explain what I’m going to be doing on the blog over the next couple months.  As I’m sure everyone can tell by the abundance of red and green in the stores already (seriously? it’s barely October!?), Christmas is getting ever closer.  As I’ve already admitted, I have a lot of Christmas stamps, as well as other Christmas embellishments.  In past years, I’ve always made one Christmas design to send to everybody on my list.  But what I’ve decided to do this year is to make a different Christmas card every week for the next couple months, and send everyone on my list a different card.  Which means I need to start now.  Don’t worry, I’ll throw in a Thanksgiving card or two in the middle there, but with this idea, I have to get started quickly.  And also, this way if anyone likes the card designs I use, they’ll have time to copy them.

So, here is the first of my Christmas cards.  My mom has graciously said that she and my dad would try to make a tiny bit of room on their craft show tables this fall so I can attempt to sell some of my cards.  So each week, I shall be making two of the same card, one to send and one to sell.


I know I already made a card once this year based on this same layout, but when I made that first card, I was already thinking Christmas.  I have so much Christmas ribbon, it’s kind of ridiculous.  And not just small ribbon to use on cards, I have spools and spools of big, wired ribbon.  Why?  Because it’s pretty, or cute.  That’s about the extent of my reasoning when I guiltily purchase yet another roll.  So, in an attempt to use some of it up, I made these cards.  I know the polka dot ribbon doesn’t show up the greatest, but the colors in the ribbon matched the embellishments so well!  The embellishments are from a pack I got at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago, and I did add the little gold bow on the top card.

When I was trying to decide on cardstock for these cards, I made the discovery that I’m going to need to get some more red cardstock for the next couple months’ worth of cards.  Probably some more Christmas green, too.  I don’t have much left!

Well, it’s almost ten, so I should probably go get started in the kitchen.  I’ll let you know next week how my cooking attempts pan out.


2 thoughts on “Card #39: Criss Cross Christmas

  1. Deb in SD October 3, 2015 / 11:37 am

    I like these. Very pretty. So I hope you’re glad I showed you the ad.


    • Laura October 4, 2015 / 9:54 am

      Yes I’m glad you showed me the ad. Got me going earlier than I would have otherwise, and it was fun to find new stamps and chit chat with other stampers.


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