Card #38: Happy Birthday!

Wow, I only have about 55 minutes to get this post up and it still be “this week”!  I spent all afternoon out at my parents’ house doing laundry and helping out in the shop.  And we also celebrated my mom’s birthday with a family dinner.  I can’t remember the last time all four of us sat down to a meal at home together.  It was fun!

Since my mom is the type of person who appreciates homemade things more than others, I made her birthday card, which just so happens to also be the card for the blog this week!  Hooray for practicality!


My mom’s favorite color is green, so I made the base card out of green cardstock.  The design is from my card recipe book, although the confetti paper should have been a little skinnier if I was following the recipe exactly.  I wanted to be able to see more of the streamers on the paper, so I made it a little wider.  The whole reason this card came together like this is because I remembered I had a cute balloon ribbon that I wanted to use, so whatever card design I chose, it had to have ribbon, specifically ribbon that went from top to bottom on the card.  I was just happy that all the colors on the paper, ribbon, and embellishment went together pretty well.  I also stamped a “Happy Birthday” message inside using my Kaleidoscope multi-colored ink pad that matched the colors, too.

Short and sweet this week.  I still have some laundry to put away and a chapter in my Bible study book that I have to get done before tomorrow night, so I gotta scoot.  Blessings!


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