My Steampunk Cosplay!

So I know it’s really late and I should be going to bed instead of blogging, but writing this post was on my to do list for the night and by golly, I’m going to get it done!  I had intended to do other things tonight, but then I got sucked into Youtube watching The Hillywood Show’s latest live stream video and the evening kind of got away from me.  To be fair, the craft project I had intended to work on smells bad so I really only want to work on it when I can open windows, and it’s raining tonight.  But if I get this post up, I will only have one thing on my list (besides the not-do-able craft project) that I didn’t get done, so yay for that.

On a side note, and I probably shouldn’t even mention this because that makes it sound like I’m committed to the idea and I’ll probably fail miserably, but I’m thinking that I should make a craft project goal for the week in addition to my card of the week.  I have so many ideas and projects that are either started or conceived in my brain that I want to do, so I should set myself some realistic goals for actually completing some of them.  I had intended to work on my craft goal for this week tonight before the siren call of Youtube and the rain challenged my plans.

Ok, on to why I’m really posting: my steampunk cosplay!!  Yay!  So I already showed you guys my Astrid cosplay from How to Train Your Dragon.  Well, I put together a steampunk costume (again with sewing help from my wonderful mother!) that I debuted at Dragon Con over Labor Day a couple weeks ago.   A few weeks before the con, my very sweet friend Emily of Truelight Images offered to do a photo shoot for me of my costume.  Downtown Sioux Falls offers some wonderful old buildings that were a perfect backdrop for a steampunk shoot, so we met up on a beautiful Tuesday evening and had a super-great time taking pictures.

Without further ado, my costume debut!  Btw, it was really hard to decide which pictures to share!  They are all so cool!

I think this is my absolutely favorite picture from the whole shoot



I love how powerful that shot on the right looks!


I can’t thank Emily enough for all the time she put into these pictures!  From researching poses to taking the pictures to editing, I was just speechless at the effort she put in.  If you are in the Sioux Falls, SD area and need a photographer for family portraits, events, cosplay shoots (which she now says are her favorite kind!), please get in touch with Emily at her business facebook page: Truelight Images.  She will definitely make your shoot something special.

Ok, now I really need to go to bed!  I’m having issues typing and still have two more days of work this week.  Oh, on the plus side, between holiday time off and PTO, I only have 4 full weeks of work left for the year!  Yay me!  So I should have lots of time to work on those craft projects…

Oh, before I forget, I know this was just a bunch of glamour shots of the final product, but if anyone is curious about the process that went into constructing the costume, please comment and let me know!  I’ll put a post together about the process and construction if anyone is interested.




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