Card #37: Happy Fall!

The feel of fall is in the air!  I’ve had my windows open all day, but I’ve been wearing long sleeves as well.  I love that cooler, crisp fall air.  I’ve got apple cinnamon-y type scents burning in my Scentsy pots, a few trees are starting to change color, and the local Apple Orchard had their Apple Festival this weekend.  I went over there this morning, though I’m not sure why I ever bother going during this festival.  They always only have 3 kinds of apples to buy, and none of them are the kind I like to just eat.  I did get a delicious caramel apple, though, so I suppose the trip was worth it.  I’ll have to check in with them in a couple weeks again and see if they have any new kinds of apples ready for munching.

And since next Wednesday is the official start of the autumn, the card I made this week reflects the changing seasons.


It’s a pretty simple design, but I really wanted to use those fall stamps that I had.  I had gotten those two little mice stamps at a local rubber stamp store several years ago which has since gone out of business.  Which makes me sad.  It was always fun going in there and seeing all their new stuff, especially for the different seasons.  I got a few Christmas stamps from them, too, over the years.  Why do the little independent businesses like that seem to be disappearing?  *sigh*  Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Anyway, I added the realistic-looking leaf stickers to the more whimsical look of the leaves on the stamps, and I thought it turned out pretty cute. Maybe I went a little overboard with the stickers and it got a little busy, but I wanted to make it look like the leaves were all tumbling and getting blown off the side of the card.  I think the stickers were from a garage sale, so I have no idea what brand or set they are from.  The letter stamps were from an old set from Joanns years ago.  Everything is just layered cardstock glued together, no adhesive squares this week!

Well, I think I may go make some hot apple cider now and try to ward off the impending coolness of the evening.  Happy Saturday!


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