Card #36: Get Well Wishes!

Hi everybody!  I’m back from Dragon Con!  I had a super-fun time, but I didn’t find any nerdy rubber stamps to add to my collection like I was hoping to, so bummer on that front.  Guess I’ll just have to shop Etsy for that!

One thing I was warned about when going to a big convention like that was the dreaded Con Crud.  Getting sick from the thousands upon thousands of people congested into a relatively small space ( I say relatively because D*Con is actually spread out over 5 hotels and the convention center in downtown Atlanta).  I am currently nursing a stuffed nose, scratchy throat, and general overwhelming tiredness.  It’s really amazing how things that are so simple to accomplish when you’re feeling good seem nigh unto impossible when you’re under the weather.

All that to say, I made a couple get-well cards this week.  I had planned to anyway, but it seemed even more appropriate as I fill my wastebaskets with used tissues and chug orange juice for the vitamin C.


The base card is from another DCWV 12×12 stack.  I know it looks kind of like burlap and I told my brain that when I pulled it from the stack last night, but subconsciously my mind was thinking it looked like corkboard, so I put some brads on the cards to look like pincushions.  Remember what I just said about simple things being hard?  Yeah, prime example.  (as is my apparent inability to type correctly as I write this post!  thank goodness for spell check!)  I had the tags tucked away in my embellishments drawer, so I pulled those out and stained the edges a bit with a distressing ink pad, then pulled a bit of the ink inward with a sponge.  Full disclosure: the tags actually have a piece of adhesive in the middle to keep them from shifting, but since it’s in the middle, the edges still look loose. The stamp is from a set of words that looks like it could be Stampin’ Up, but the stamps don’t actually say that on the top like that brand usually does.  They were from a garage sale, so I actually have no idea what they are.  I was going to use some simple copper brads to hold the tags on, then I found this cool set that I got at Hobby Lobby a while back and decided these were much more fun.  Plus they had the little bitty brads that I put in the corners just to add a little something more to the cards.  They would have been kinda boring without them.

Ugh, this is actually quite difficult putting comprehensive sentences together, so I think I’m going to sign off.  I had a bunch of things I had intended to accomplish this weekend, but I think I’ll just Netflix my way through and rest instead.  Sounds a lot easier and doesn’t require a properly-functioning brain.  Hopefully your weekend is more productive than mine!


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