Card #32: Floral Joy

Do you ever have a project that you have in mind will turn out a certain way, and by the time you’re done, it’s absolutely nothing like what you had envisioned?  Yeah, that’s what happened with my card this week.

I was going to try using some embossing powder on the card, so I browsed through my card recipe book for a design that would work.  I found a layout that I liked and started going through my scrap pieces of paper and cardstock to find some coordinating pieces to make the card.  When I found enough pieces that went together, I started looking through my stamps for a sentiment that would fit on three lines, but nothing I had really went with the design as I envisioned it.  So I switched gears slightly and decided to just use one stamp from the Stampin’ Up set Small Script.  The colors of the card that I ended up with reminded me of the flower brads that I saw when I dug out my butterflies from last week.  So I pulled those out and put them where I had originally planned on putting the embossed designs.

So yeah, it’s absolutely nothing like I had planned.  I think I’ll still have to try the embossing powder next week, but with a different card layout altogether.



But for being nothing like I thought it would, the card turned out pretty nice.  Everything is paper (except the base card) from a pack of project stuff my Grandma gave to me a few years ago, so everything is attached with adhesive squares as opposed to glue.  I originally had the flower brads only through the square they are on so they couldn’t be seen inside the card, but that made the paper not flush with the card, so I had to poke them all the way through.

I also didn’t put the brads where I originally was going to.  They were originally going to be purple, green, yellow instead of purple, yellow, green.  But this way the purple and green kind of coordinate with each other now.  I’m not sure which way I like better, the coordinated way like this, or more random.  What do you think?  Which do you like better?

Well, I have a list of projects a mile long to accomplish this weekend, so I better wrap this up.  Can I just say, though, THANK YOU LORD for the person who invented air conditioning!  I am forever grateful!


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