Card #31: Let’s get glamorous!

Am I the only person who, when I find a new blog that I like, goes back through the archives of said blog and reads every. single. post?  I recently started reading View Along the Way by Kelly from Georgia, who writes about her family’s adventures in fixing up their formerly nasty foreclosure home.  She is hilarious and has lots of neat ideas.  I never really thought I’d get into reading a home decor blog, but I’ve really been enjoying reading through her old posts.

Today’s card is inspired by one of Kelly’s posts.  She had one that talked about her current “color crush” of bright pink and gold.  I spent far too much time watching The Hillywood Show youtube videos last night before I tore myself away from the computer and plopped myself at my craft desk to make a card.  Trying to shift gears into crafting mode, I was staring at the random supplies on my desk and found the gold and silver glitter tape that I picked up on close-out at our Big Lots store.  I was going to do something with the silver, but then though, “Hey, pink and gold?  Let’s try that and see if we love it as much as Kelly!”

And just now I realize that I kind of sound like I have a split personality, referring to myself as “we,” etc.  Gollum, anyone?

I found a vellum sheet that seemed to go with the glamorous, “look at me!” color scheme and couple pink butterfly brads from Hobby Lobby that matched the pink cardstock perfectly.  I tried to find some more gold accents instead of the pink butterflies, but nothing I had matched the gold of the tape.



I know the butterfly on the bottom kind of blends into the cardstock, but I like it.  It’s just kind of subtle, like it’s whispering, “hey there, I’m down here, too!”

I know the card is really simple, but with the bright, in-your-face colors, I think it works.  I can’t say I’m grooving on the colors as much as Kelly does, but that’s ok.  Everyone has different tastes, and I got to use up a few supplies, which I was reminded this week is the purpose of this project anyway!


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