Fun with Copper Patina!

I love crafting.  I get in these modes where I have so many ideas and I want to just craft ALL THE THINGS!!  I’m in one of those modes right now, and have been for a while.  And then I go to a craft store like Hobby Lobby and breathe the craft store magic dust that they must pump through their ventilation system that makes you think that you can do any kind of craft, even when you have no experience in said craft and no business even trying.  I got some stuff today for a couple ideas that I’ve been working on, including an idea for a gift for my mom for her birthday.  I am so excited to try it and see if it turns out and give it to her that I might not be able to wait two months.  (hi mom!)

So, I thought that I’d take a little time and show you a couple things that I’ve done recently.

I found this art print online a while back that I absolutely fell in love with.  It immediately got put on my “art I want on my wall like RIGHT NOW” Pinterest board.

kraken printThe Kraken by Barak Ashraf

So this spring at the huge annual rummage sale, I was looking for a frame that could work for the print.  I already had in mind what I wanted to do with it, so it needed to be very textured.  My mom scored this one for me.


Here’s a close-up:


The frame itself was perfect for what I wanted with all the bumps and ridges, but man that art in the middle was SO not me!  First things first, that had to go!  I cut the paper off the back and pulled out the print, mat, and glass.   Next time I had opportunity, the empty frame got hauled out to my folks’ where I could spray paint it to my heart’s content.

IMG_9165Ah, much better.

Then, I ordered some Modern Masters Reactive Copper paint and patina formula from Amazon:

copper modern masters paintCopper paint and Patina spray

They have a blue and a green patina spray, but I got the green because, in my mind, copper turns green.  Um, hello?  Statue of Liberty?  Anyway, I started painting the frame with the copper paint, which goes on kind of like a glaze on the first coat and doesn’t cover exceptionally well, so two coats it was.



Um, yeah, I may have tipped over the jar of paint while working on this.  *sheepish smile*  This is why I put down a cheap plastic table cloth from the dollar store.  They make great drop cloths for simple projects like this!  So, there’s the frame in all it’s copper glory.  Now the fun part begins!

I let the second coat of paint dry overnight, then the next day I got to patina it.  One side at a time, I quickly brushed on a thin coat of the copper paint, then sprayed the patina formula on it from a clean spray bottle that I had poured it into.  Then I sat back and watched the magic happen!


The paint started getting kind of dull and mottled-gray looking after a couple minutes.


After a few more minutes, you could really tell that it was starting to turn green.

I didn’t get any pictures of the frame after the first application of patina spray.  There were a couple spots that I wasn’t happy with as they were still too coppery, so I went back later and added a little more copper paint and more spray until I was happy with the end result.  And here is my final product!


I took the print and frame to Hobby Lobby to get it matted and put together all nice and neat.  I am so happy with how it turned out and now it’s hanging in my little extra half-bathroom.

Once that project was done, though, I was super-thrilled with the copper paint and patina project that I had to find something else to do it to.  I found this resin mermaid at Hobby Lobby on sale for half-price so she came home with me.  (I didn’t intend to end up with an underwater theme in my bathroom, it just kind of happened!)


Isn’t she pretty?  She had a kind of shiny finish on her so I did end up having to prime her with a white primer spray paint before the copper paint would stick to her, so if you decide you need to try this, keep that in mind.


Now some would say that I should have just stopped here because she was so pretty coppery like this, but that’s not the look I was going for.


mid-patina chemical process


Aah, isn’t she gorgeous?  I did have to go back a couple times and add more copper paint and patina like I did on the frame until I got her just the way I wanted.  And here’s a couple more glamour shots.  It was fun to take her outside and get nice pictures in the sunshine, though I’m sure my fellow apartment-dwellers probably think I’m weird, wandering outside in super-painty clothes with a camera taking pictures of inanimate objects.

IMG_9951 IMG_9947

Eventually, once I remember to borrow a screw gun and stud finder and swipe a couple screws from my parents, she’ll go on a small shelf in the little bathroom along with my Paua shell from New Zealand and a sea glass painted candlestick which I also did.   Originally, my thoughts for decorating that bathroom were “purple and turquoise.”  That’s it.  Wow, how that’s developed!

Now, I should really get to bed so I can blog again tomorrow with this week’s card(s)!


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