Card #29: Resistance stamping technique

This morning when I was trying to comb out my dry hair, one of the teeth on my wide-toothed comb broke off and all I could think was this:

broken brush
Incidentally, my dry hair this morning about looked like Mia’s in that moment!


Around this time of the year I always get the “Christmas in July” mood where I want to listen to Christmas music and do fun Christmas-y projects.  This morning I had songs from White Christmas stuck in my head.  And it didn’t help that I am working on a fall thank-you gift project that required me to go to Yankee Candle and check out all their new fall scents (YUM!) or that I was cutting Christmas fabric for my mom on Thursday night.

So to combat that very out-of-season feeling, I wanted to do some kind of summer-y card this week.  I first learned this technique from my aunt, who was the first person to actually get me into stamping, and I haven’t really tried it since, so my summer goal for the card was a good excuse to play with this technique again.  I actually made three cards using this process this week because the first set of stamps I found that thematically went together didn’t really interest me at all or go with the kaleidoscope stamp pad I wanted to use , but I still decided to use them anyway.  But that just gave me an excuse to find more stamps to play with.

To do this resistance stamping process you need glossy paper (mine is from Stampin’ Up), a pigment ink pad, another regular dye ink pad, and a brayer.  Cut your glossy paper to the size you need, then stamp it with a small stamp using your pigment ink, like so:

Before the ink has a chance to dry, wipe it off with a paper towel.  You’ll still be able to see the image, but it will be very faint.  Apply ink to your brayer from your dye ink pad and roll it onto your glossy card stock.

Or, if you’re like me, you try the ink on a scrap piece of paper first, hate the color (note the orange-ish coral color on the paper), go wash off your brayer, pick a new color, and try again.  You can see where the stamped images were because the ink doesn’t stick there.  In trying this again, I realized that this technique definitely works better with darker inks, like so:

To finish off the cards, I stamped a corresponding image onto a white piece of cardstock and layered that with a complementary color, which is also the base of the cards themselves.


As you can see, the kaleidoscope ink pads look really cool for this technique.  It makes me want to get the blue one and try that at Christmas time with snowflake stamps.  And there I go again with the Christmas stuff…

The stamps I used for the dog card all came from the Bow Wow Stampin’ Up set.  I also stamped a dog from that set onto the inside of the card, just because he was cute.  The small flower and the teacup came from the Stampin’ Up set Bitty Bolds and the larger flower was from the set Pocket Fun.  The teapot stamp is from Printworks, copyrighted by Annette Allen Watkins.


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