Card #28: It’s a Boy!

Apartment is clean, errands are ran, second batch of banana bread is in the oven.  Time to blog.

Really, the only issue with purchasing papercrafting supplies at garage sales is sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to end up with.  You buy a bag or box full of treasures, and when you get home and start digging through it, you find a bunch of stuff you are sure you’ll never use.  Either it ends up in your own garage sale or you stuff it in a box or drawer and save it for “that special project,” whenever it eventually happens.

This week, I decided to use up some of that type of embellishment.  I got a bunch of baby boy stickers and vellum packs and 3-d embellishments at a garage sale.  As I was using up various things, I realized that they were all perfectly coordinated amongst the different kinds of products, so whoever purchased them originally must have bought a pack of supplies and just used a few of the ones they wanted to and sold the rest.  I probably went a little overboard on using it up as I made six cards this week instead of one.  Hey, I was watching season one of Marvel’s Agents of Shield to refresh my memory before I start season two, so I just went with it.  In all honesty, I did more watching than crafting, so I could have ended up with even more cards had I been a little more focused.


I made three of this card because I couldn’t come up with another design that would use the clothesline stickers nicely, and I thought they were pretty cute.  I got the paper in the middle probably on clearance at some point, again with that “someday I’ll need it” mentality, and the clotheslines were from the garage sale.  I shouldn’t admit this, but that’s the only sheet of embellishments I actually used completely up.  But hey, every little bit helps my drawer get a little emptier.



For the card on the left, the vellum words and the rattle were from the garage sale bundle.  Sadly, when I glued the ribbon down, the vellum sheet wrinkled, so it isn’t as crisp-looking as it could be.  On the right, the baby polka dot paper and the stickers were from the sale.  All the cards I made have the same Congratulations stamp on the inside, but on these two cards, I added stickers that matched something on the front of the card.


This card is my favorite of all the ones I made.  The 3-d stickers and the vellum words were from the garage sale, and the moon and star paper was leftovers from another project.  I attached the yellow squares with mounting foam so they were a little 3-d in addition to the stickers.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with so many baby boy cards.  I suppose just add them to the box of all the cards I’ve made so far this year, “just in case” I might need them someday.  Kind of like so many of the embellishments in my file cabinet drawer…


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