Card #27: Pink Joy

Sitting here trying to think of some witty, clever opener for today’s blog post, and nothing is coming to mind.  I spent the early part of the afternoon buffing a nativity set that I painted with gold Rub & Buff last week and am just now realizing that my hands are kind of filthy.  Excuse me while I go wash them.

Ah, much better.  In retrospect, though, I should have washed them first with the Dawn dish soap and then with the yummy-smelling hand soap from Bath and Body instead of the other way around.

Today’s card is based on a design from my “card inspiration” board on Pinterest.



The card on Pinterest actually had the embellishment going down onto the plain cardstock below the ruffle, which I like better, but my embellishment wasn’t long enough to do that.  Looking at it now, I probably should have just butted the cardstock the embellishment is on up to the ruffle piece instead of putting it on the top.  20/20 hindsight.  Guess learning and figuring out new or better ways of papercrafting is part of what this year-long project was supposed to be about.  The stamp is from the Stampin’ Up set Small Script, and the embellishment is from a set by K&Company.  It’s just a nice, pretty generic card to send someone to brighten their day.

Wow, my brain really isn’t thinking of anything to write.  It’s more focusing on the leather in the other room that’s waiting to be transformed into a holster for my steampunk costume.  That’s the goal for the weekend, finishing that costume.  It was originally the goal for today, but I think I’m going to have to pick up one more item from Joann’s to finish it, and I am NOT going anywhere today, so I shall have to put the final touches on it tomorrow.  My 50% off coupons start tomorrow anyway. 🙂


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