Card #23 – Pink Wedding Card

I was sitting at my craft desk last night trying to decide what kind of card to make this week when I got to thinking that I have used both wedding cards that I’ve made already this year.  Figuring that it never hurts to have one on hand, just in case, I decided to make another one this week.  It is rather simple, but as it was pointed out to me at the wedding reception I attended today, sometimes simple and elegant is better than extravagant and ornate.



The ring bearer pillow is from the same Jolee’s Boutique set that I used a couple weeks ago.  The words are from a vellum set from Joanns and I glued it down on a scrap piece of that white satin fabric paper that I mentioned before but didn’t use.  Yay, I got to use it on something!  And it was already practically the perfect size.  Little victories, people, little victories.

The pink ribbon is glued down with spray adhesive and the bow is attached with a glue dot.  I tried to tie two ends of the ribbon together in the bow so that the whole thing would be one piece of ribbon, but after playing with that for five minutes and never succeeding, I gave up and just made the bow separately.  I have a bunch of pins on Pinterest on how to tie the perfect bow; I really should go look at those sometime.

Well, I’ve decked myself out in paint clothes and there is a huge pile of projects on my craft desk screaming at me for attention, so I better get to it.  Well, they’re not literally screaming, that would be creepy.  They’re more just silently mocking me with their uncompleted status.


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