Card #22 Generic striped card

Wow, my brain was totally not in card-making mode today.  It seriously took me 2 episodes of Castle on DVD to get this card made.  I sat there for a while looking at some metal letters that I have trying to make words out of them, but nothing really stood out at me.  Most of the vowels and a large majority of the more commonly-used consonants have been used up, so trying to make words that actually make sense was rather difficult.  Eventually, I gave up on those and put them back in the drawer before pulling out my recipe book again.

This is what I came up with.


This probably would have looked better with a symmetrically striped paper instead of the more random stripes that I used, but I think it turned out ok.  The ribbons the book showed on the samples had sentiments on them, but I didn’t have any ribbons that matched that had words already on them and when I tried to write on the ribbon, the ink bled.  So, it’s just an accent ribbon.  It’s blank inside, so it’s just a nice, generic card to send when the mood strikes to brighten someone’s day by actually sending a real letter in the mail instead of just junk mail like we get all the time.  Living on my own the last few months has made me realize just how much junk comes every day!  It’s like, “Please!  I know you need money!  Everyone needs money!  Stop asking me for money!”

Ahem.  Sorry.  Rant over.

So, yeah, anyway…  lots to get done today.  Working on a new costume project for another con this fall that I’m super excited about.  And I officially got the PTO approved this week, so it’s getting more real.  So much to do.  And I don’t want to be putting the final touches on the costume the day before I leave like Minneapolis, so I better get to work!


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