Card #18: Graduation

May.  A time of flowers, light jackets, birds chirping, and grass needing that first mowing.  Of course, around here, we’re finally getting our “April showers,” so we’ll probably get our “May flowers” sometime in July.  Another thing that comes around every May are the inevitable graduation announcements.  If you’re like me, the kids that you used to babysit when you were a teen are now graduating.  Boy, does it sure make one feel old!

This week’s card is all from my own head.  Yay!  Finally, right?  I chose to use basic primary colors, kind of hearkening to the early days of school, when things were simpler and algebra wasn’t even a distant thought yet, much less a daily reality.




The yellow and blue paper are from a mat stack I got ages ago, probably from a garage sale when I was first starting into papercrafting.  The graduation hat is also a garage sale find, a loose embellishment amid a bunch of half-used graduation sticker sheets and such.  The saying is from one of my copious vellum collections.  I liked the sentiment it gives, and the hopefullness for the future.  Seemed appropriate for a graduation card.

Now, which graduate shall I give it to?  Hmm…


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