Adventures in Cosplay

I really should be going to bed right now, or at least getting ready to head that direction, but I’m too excited!  I got my pictures back from the photo shoot I did on Saturday and I just have to share them with someone!  So here I am blogging instead.

I was introduced to cons and cosplay via my favorite blogger Jen Yates, and I went to my first convention last spring.  Incidentally, that’s where I’m headed this coming weekend, back to that same con.  I debuted my first cosplay at the con last year on Saturday.  And let me tell you, I totally got bit by the cosplay bug!  I had so much fun, and it opens so many doors at for chatting with people who share similar interests, especially if you attend by yourself like I did.  After watching the costume contest on Saturday night, I went back to my hotel room and didn’t fall asleep until about 3 AM.  My mind was going crazy with ideas and inspirations and just general excitement about this world that allows adults to dress up as characters and not be thought of as weird.


This was my cosplay last year, Kaylee Frye from Firefly.  She will be reappearing this weekend on Friday.

My Sunday costume for this year is a gender-bent 10th Doctor from Doctor Who.  I wanted an excuse to get and wear that epic coat, so I put this costume together.

IMG_8875 IMG_8873

I hate to say it, but I’m not just that crazy about it.  It’s lacking much in the pizazz department, plus I know I’m going to be boiling in that coat!  But I bought the coat, so by golly I’m going to wear it to a con!  Maybe next winter I’ll use it as my winter coat.  It’s certainly warm enough!  I tried to re-construct the Doctor’s look as a female in such ways as ringlets instead of sideburns and a red scarf instead of a red tie, while maintaining the basic look.  I think I succeeded.

But the costume I’m most excited about is my Saturday costume.  This has been about a 9 month process from inception to completion (and I still need to add a couple finishing touches, yikes!), but I can say I’m very proud of it.  A huge thank you goes to my mom the sewing genius (hi, mom!) who did all the sewing on it and also had lots of great ideas and suggestions for various aspects of putting it together.  Also a big thank you goes to my friend Dory for taking the pictures and doing the editing on them.

Without further ado, I present to you: Astrid Hofferson!

IMG_7379 IMG_7420

A couple comparison shots from movie to me:

astrid 2 IMG_7367

Darn it, the wrong leg is in front!


This next one is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot:


Threatening the camera was fun.  🙂

I should probably end there, but I love the vintage-y vibe of these last two, so I just have to share them.



I am so excited to debut this costume this weekend!  I’m seriously hoping to find a Hiccup at the con, just so I can get a picture with him.  Lol!  Counting down the days…


One thought on “Adventures in Cosplay

  1. Deb (Mom) April 29, 2015 / 8:43 am

    Great post! Pictures are great! Have Fun!


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