Card #16: Thank you card

Wow, this has been a super busy week!  Stuff going on pretty much every night after work and today I had a quick photo shoot with a friend to take pics of my new cosplay, which is done except for the satchel that I need to finish this week.  It has to get done this week, as next weekend is the con!  I’m so excited, and thrilled with the way the costume turned out.  I’ll be posting pics of that after I get them back.

All that to say, I only made this week’s card about 10 minutes ago.  I turned to my handy recipe book again as my brain just wasn’t in papercrafting mode.



I started with a black card and added the colored cardstock on the front.  I’m so thankful for mat stacks that have color-coordinated patterns!  This mat stack was from Joanns.  I have a bunch of vellum sentiment collections, which is where I found the words.  I think the one I got these from was also from Joanns, albeit from years ago.  Can you tell I shop there a lot?  I tacked them down with the brads, then used just a little bit of vellum tape to hold the loose end down.  I think my vellum tape is old, though, because it’s kind of  yellowing.  In hindsight, I should have attached the vellum to the cardstock before gluing it down, as now the backs of the brads are visible on the inside of the card.  Mental note for future reference.

I better get in gear this next week and get my card done early as I will be living it up at the Wizard World Minneapolis convention next Saturday!  Yay!


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