Card #12: Patriotic Greeting

So my craft desk has been covered with a jewelry project all week and I spent all morning today at the Alpha Center.  Therefore I only finally got around to making this week’s card about 20 minutes ago.  Really, all I want to do right now is go lay down and take a nap, so YOU”RE WELCOME WORLD that I am sitting here typing instead of sleeping.  🙂

Due to my over-tiredness, general “meh” feeling about blogging today, and need to get a card done quickly, I opened my trusty card recipe book to a random page and made the the first layout I saw.  I dug through my overflowing file of embellishments and went with a patriotic selection because I knew I had several scrap pieces of patriotic paper, so I was sure something would match.  Yeah, it was all about ease this week.



The blue paper and red and white strips were all scraps from previous projects.  I don’t remember where I got the patriotic embellishment.  The stamp is from Stampendous, and I didn’t remember until writing this post just now that I was saving that stamp for a different layout idea I had.  Oh well, it’s not like I can’t use it more than once, right?

I did have to laugh at myself when I was making the card, though.  A couple of the ladies at the Alpha Center this morning were being so careful cutting the paper they were using for the project they were doing.  They were measuring and doing math calculating inches and generally being awesome at conserving paper and making everything as efficient as possible.  When I’m making a card, more often than not, I’ll eye something as to how long I want it to be, crease it with my fingernail and slice the paper or cardstock based on my nail crease instead of any actual semblance of measuring by numbers.  Yep, total professional right here.

Well, I don’t think I’m going to get time for my nap this afternoon.  Too much other stuff to get done.  Hopefully I can stay awake through my friend’s school play this evening!  Wish me luck!


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