Card 7 & 7a: Dreams and Dragons

I love Saturdays.  During the winter, it’s like my one day a week that I actually open my curtains and get some sunshine.  My windows in my apartment look out over a small yard with a bird feeder and I just love watching the local squirrels eating and playing.  Honestly, I see the squirrels more than I see birds, but I have spotted a cardinal and some kind of predatory bird in addition to the myriad of sparrows that live in the bushes in the yard.  But the squirrels make me the happiest to watch.  They’re just so dang cute and playful!


There are at least 6 of these little guys running around the neighborhood.  And they are very distracting when trying to get things done!  Like, I really should close my blinds right now so I quit watching them play chase around a tree and finish writing this post!

Anyway, on to this week’s card.  I actually made two cards this week, both with the same stamp set, because I couldn’t decide which one I’d rather do.  Figuring that wedding and graduation season is approaching swiftly, I made a card for each occasion.  The yellow card is for a wedding, and the pink card is for a girl’s graduation.






Obviously, based on the stamp set used, you’d have to give this to a person or couple with a specific personality type, but I thought they turned out pretty cute.  The scenery stamps and “may your dreams come true…” stamp all come from the Stampin’ Up set Dreams and Dragons.  The sentiment on the front of the wedding card is an All Night Media stamp and the Congratulations on the inside of the graduation card is a Stampabilities.  I stamped all the picture stamps, and then colored the cards with watercolor pencils.  I stamped the sentiments on the front after I blended the colors.  Due to the time-consuming process of coloring then blending the colors, these cards will have to go to someone very special!  🙂

Also, 20/20 hindsight, don’t use glue on cheaper, thinner cardstock.  You can see little spots on the insides of the cards where I glued the white cardstock down.  Humph.  Oh well, the cuteness of the outside makes up for it, right?  I also like the way the pink card turned out a little better, because the green of the grass doesn’t go as high.  I stamped the grass/flowers behind the couple and the dragon before thinking about how high the green would have to be then.  Hey, it’s a learning process.


2 thoughts on “Card 7 & 7a: Dreams and Dragons

  1. Deb (Mom) February 21, 2015 / 8:27 pm

    I think these are great!


  2. jackalexkim February 21, 2015 / 10:31 pm

    This is so wonderful! You have such a cool blog!!!!! Come check us out? We’d love to have a few tips!!


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