Card #5: Hello!

February is upon us.  The sun is shining, the scent of peanut butter cookies is in the air, and things are getting scratched off the ol’ to-do list.  I got busy baking and almost forgot that I needed to post this week’s card!

I can’t say that I’m all that excited about the card this week.  I had a few different vague ideas of something to do, but none of them really panned out and I turned to my recipe book again.  This card is from the second recipe of the book, and is quite basic.  But sometimes I guess that’s what you need.  And I guess I’d probably send this card to a guy, based on the colors I used, so avoiding lots of frillies and sparklies is probably a good thing.  🙂



I used the Stampin’ Up background Crosshatch to add the details to the blue cardstock. The green pearl brads are from a set from Hobby Lobby, and I think the letters on the ribbon are from there as well, but I don’t remember for certain.  See?  Like I said, nice and basic.  A more patterned paper for the bottom part would make the card more interesting, but I didn’t have any blue paper that would go with the green and blue ribbon, and part of the purpose of this is to use up what I already have instead of buying more, so I made due.

Now I think I shall go sample my cookies and utilize the remaining sunshine to work a bit more on my current cosplay project.


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