Card #4: Think Spring!

This week has been unseasonably warm for January.  It’s been nice, actually.  Now, we’re in a winter weather advisory for tonight and tomorrow morning with a chance for 4 to 6 inches of snow.  Bleah.  The card I made this week is an encouragement that spring will be here eventually.  It’s actually the design I wanted to do last week but didn’t have all the materials I needed.  But with the weather predictions we have now, I guess I’m kinda glad I had to wait until this week to try this design.



The letter stamps are from the Stampin’ Up set Brushstroke Alphabet Lower and the little flower stamp inside on the bottom corner is from the set Bitty Bolds.  The flowers are some felt buttons that I got at Joann Fabrics a long time ago because I thought they were cute.  Heh.  I sewed them onto the cardstock with some white embroidery floss (which is what I needed to get before I could do the card).  The white cardstock on the front is held on with glue dots instead of white school glue, since the embroidery floss makes the back of the card not completely flat.  I actually think I like the glue dots better than regular glue, though, since they don’t wrinkle the cardstock at all.  I’ve got a couple boxes of them, and I think they might become my go-to adhesive.

I gotta show you something I got in the mail this week.  Ever since I started making cards many years ago, I’ve always done something to sign the back of the card to claim it as my own, something I picked up from an aunt who is really into stamping.  I used to put a little stamp that matched the theme of the card on the back and initialed the card by the stamp.  Then I got lazy and just started initialing it without the stamp, kind of creating a little symbol with the L and P of my first and last name.  I’ve done that for a long time now, but I wanted to do something different for the cards for this blog.  So I ordered a custom stamp from


The stamp says “geek girl creations” in circular Gallifreyan, the language of the Time Lords from Doctor Who, one of my favorite TV shows.  Well, technically it says “geek girl kreations” because the hard “c” transliterates into a “k.”  🙂  Hey, the name of the blog states that I’m a geek!  I figured the stamp that I use for these cards should reflect that.  I used a website to transliterate the words, which are read counter-clockwise from the bottom, and uploaded the picture to the stamp website.  I have to admit I squealed a little bit when I opened the package yesterday and saw the stamp.  I’m really impressed with how it came out!  See?


So cool.  🙂


One thought on “Card #4: Think Spring!

  1. Deb (Mom) January 31, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    Very pretty card… and you are very geeky! ; )


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