Card #3: Valentine’s Day

The card I ended up with this week is ABSOLUTELY nothing like I had intended to make.  I had what I thought was a cute idea all ready in my head to try, then I discovered that the embellishments I was going to use weren’t designed as I anticipated.  And I don’t have the means at the moment to create what I wanted.  So, I shall have to get a few supplies and try that idea in the future.

As a result of that minor kerfuffle (isn’t that a fun word?), my creative process was derailed and I turned to that trusty book I mentioned before with all the card “recipes” to fuel my ideas.  I ended up using the very first recipe in the book (which got me to thinking maybe I should have just started at the beginning of the book and made a card from each recipe in order but oh well, didn’t do that).  I like this recipe because it is quite simple and easily adaptable to all sorts of themes.  I decided to do a Valentine’s Day card because as soon as I saw the layout, I immediately thought of a stamp I have that would work in the middle of the card very nicely.IMG_8840


See, isn’t that cute?  The stamp is a Stampendous brand stamp called Endless Love and the heart paper was leftover from another project.  Yay for using up old leftovers!  Not sure where I got the little heart brads, but I thought they added a nice little touch.  As they made the white cardstock not flat on the back, though, I used a bit of mounting foam to adhere the design to the card.  It gives it a nice subtle 3-D effect.  The card is blank inside.

Now if only I actually had a valentine to send this to… 🙂


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