Card #2: Steampunk Generic

Everything was conspiring against me to get this card done and up today!  My creativity was pretty dead all week, so I only got around to making the card this morning, and the creative juices still weren’t flowing very well.  My glue didn’t want to hold, and the clear stamps I was using didn’t want to stick to my blocks.  (I have come to the conclusion that I am not fond of clear stamps and any stamps I purchase in the future will be the good ol’ fashioned wood block kind, even if they cost a bit more!)  And then my computer konked out on me.  Many thanks to my dad who is a computer whiz and was able to get me up and running again.

So, on that note, a bit about the card.  I was introduced to the world of steampunk through my favorite blogger who writes a geek blog.  If you’ve never read Epbot, go check it out here.  I’m not nearly as obsessed with it as she is, but I do love the color palette, the use of gears, the amazing costumes and props people have created, and the ray guns.  Because, ray guns!  🙂  So this card is my first attempt at a steampunk card.  I’m going to guess that I’ll try again sometime throughout the year to make something better.



The stamps are from the Stampin’ Up set Clockworks.  The metal embellishments are from a set of gears and such I got at Joann’s quite a while ago.  I do believe they still carry them, though.  And I think the ribbon was from Hobby Lobby on clearance.  Hooray for clearance impulse shopping!  The ribbon was the last touch I added to the card, because it seriously needed something more, and I think it works.  I left the card blank inside as this is a rather generic card, so it can be filled with any sort of message.


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