So it begins…

So, a new year.

I’ve never been one much for new year’s resolutions. I know setting goals is a good thing, and the new year is a great time to set goals and make plans and start fresh, but I inevitably slump somewhere and just give up, never picking up the pieces and trying again.  I guess that’s why I am starting a blog.  I’ve had the idea for this project for at least a year, but the idea of starting a blog and learning something new and taking the time to try has just seemed so daunting.

But, *deep breath*  here we go.

My plans for this blog are simple.  I like to create things.  I always have.  Guess it’s in my blood, from both my parents, though our creative outlets are very different.  I’ve had the idea for over a year to try to make myself create something once a week, specifically to create a new greeting card.  I’ve always like paper crafts and I have so many materials, rubber stamps, cardstock, embellishments, etc. that I really need to use some up.  So, my goal is to make a new card every week, preferably with materials I already possess, and post it here.  What I will do with the cards when I am done with them remains to be seen.  🙂  But I figured if I have the accountability of having to post said creations out there for the world, then maybe I’ll actually stick with this goal.

I do anticipate posting other little things I do as well, whether it be an extra pretty photo I took, other creative things I’ve done, random thoughts, etc, but I do plan to post at least once a week with my new card creation.

Wish me luck.


One thought on “So it begins…

  1. Deb (Mom) January 5, 2015 / 8:47 pm

    Looking forward to seeing your creativity at work!


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